Temps are Heating Up, Creamistry Will Keep You Cool


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The temperatures are heating up, and we are all looking for ways to stay cool. Luckily, Creamistry is coming soon to the valley, owned by local entrepreneurs.



Liquid Nitrogen and Fresh Ingredients Combine at Tasty New Ice Cream Shop
Local Entrepreneurs to Open Creamistry Locations Across the State

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (Mar. 7, 2016)—Liquid nitrogen freezes milk crystals at -321 degrees Fahrenheit creating the most indulgent and creamy ice cream possible—and this scientific feat will happen daily at the Valley’s newest ice cream shop, Creamistry, set to open three locations over the next few months.

Two valley entrepreneurs, former Arizona Cardinal and co-founder of Impact Church Andre Wadsworth and real estate expert Ryan Zeleznak have joined forces to open over 20 locations of the California-based franchise over the next five years. Pam Rukas, a 20-year veteran of the food and beverage industry, will head up operations of the Creamistry stores.

The first location located at 7135 East Camelback will open in mid-April. Location two will be at Uptown Plaza at Central and Camelback, next to Lou Malnati’s Pizza and will follow in May. The third location will be at the Scottsdale Quarter and should be on the map towards the end of May. Each location will be open daily at 11:30 a.m. and closing time will be 11:00 p.m.

Creamistry has a unique take on creating the perfect ice cream treat. Customers choose a size or specialty (ranging from shakes to floats to waffle bowls and more), next they select an ice cream base (including premium, organic, Greek yogurt, non-dairy, vegan and gluten free options including sorbet and coconut milk) and one of nearly 40 flavors (ranging from birthday cake to sea salt caramel to Madagascar vanilla bean or blood orange sorbet) and finally they select toppings (candy, fruit, nuts, cookies/cake). Everything is mixed with liquid nitrogen for a smoky and satisfying visual showcase.

“Traditional ice cream is produced by freezing cream in a batch freezer for up to 45 minutes. Liquid nitrogen ice cream takes less than two minutes to make, and that will allow us to make fresh, customized ice cream by the scoop,” said Wadsworth. “Plus it is an incredibly fun and entertaining way to enjoy dessert.”

In addition to ice cream that is hand crafted and customized, sweet treat lovers can select from the Creamistry Creations menu that includes layered parfaits, shakes, floats, affogatos, chocolate bowls, waffle bowls and brownie bowls.

About Creamistry: Science and dessert collide at this ice cream shop founded in California in 2013. Ice cream treats are flash frozen using liquid nitrogen and over 70 flavors and toppings. Arizona locations of this innovative franchise will open throughout 2016 and beyond. For more information www.creamistry.com

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